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3rd Degree Band – You can write a book on these guys. It may even be a best seller.
But to keep people from getting bored we have shortened up the history on where each of these guys came from. The main thing is come and check the band out and let their talent speak for itself, then for the very few that say they are not appealing.... thinking some people don't like Tom Petty, The Beatles, Taylor Swift... Well, You can't please everyone. This way, if they don't like us it's just their opinion. We'll let our talent do the talking! That's who we are, three old guys that love to play, do it well and have a good time. We will always entertain. We may be old but we don't know it!

Don Lombardy - Vocals & Guitar

DON LOMBARDY started playing guitar at
age 7 and the Lombardy name has been synonymous with music in this area for many years. In the 60's and 70's the Lombardy music store was a favorite hang out for all local musicians. Don has taught many people who are performing in local bands in the area. Don has played in many bands and also enjoys writing music. Don writes the music and has had a hand in writing about 32 songs. About 7 of which have been professionally recorded.


Jim Sosa
Dean May started playing the Bass guitar at age 14,when he got together with high school friends,to form a band.That group,needing a Bass player,was the starting point.His love of music and performing live continues to this day.Dean has played in rock,country and other styles of bands,for many years.He loves rock,blues and country.Having played music with Don,in the past,and Rich on occasion,when The Third Degree Band needed someone,it felt like a good fit.

Rick Wyde - Drums
RICH WYDE has been playing drums for
over 40 years RIch has played in country,
rock and jazz bands over the years.
But his favorite is rock and roll!


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